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Welcome to JSM Storage Management LLC

JSM Storage Management has developed a way to minimize risks while increasing revenue by managing lien and auction processes. With our in-house program, we have been able to reduce facility exposure and increase the chance of recouping lost revenue for unpaid auction balances.

Risk is a normal part of your business, but risk can and should be managed in order to reduce the chance of loss. No matter how well a self-storage business seems to be operating, there’s always a fear in an owner's mind about regulatory compliance. As owners renting space, you assume many legal risks. Not understanding the California Lien Laws can cause storage operators and owners to make mistakes and can subject themselves to claims of wrongful sale of unit property. Failing to properly mail your lien notices is like an invitation for a wrongful-sale lawsuit.

Good risk mitigation will protect you from losing money and can help you make money. The most important step is identifying the risk. Risk cannot be managed if it is not identified.

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Auditing assistance at JSM Storage Management

  • Management of Lien & Auction Processes



  • Prevent Unlawful
    Lien Sales



  • Reduce Exposure of Potential Lawsuits

Recover lost revenue with help from JSM Storage Management

  • Recover Balance Due
    After Auction


  • Recoup Lost Revenue



  • Secure Debt Owed to You



  • Reduce Bad Debt

JSM Storage Management consulting services in Norwalk, CA

  • Contract & Legal
    Notice Compliance



  • Collection Techniques



  • Employee Training



  • Facility Management

Secure and reliable storage at JSM Storage Management

JSM Storage Management understands that improving the bottom line comes not only from revenue increases but also from mitigating exposure to risk.

Our in-house program maximizes revenue by managing these unique business risks through proven collection techniques:

  • Preventing unlawful lien sales
  • Recovering & securing lost revenue
  • Reducing bad debt
  • Collection Techniques

With over 21 years of combined storage and auditing experience, JSM Storage Management will guide you in understanding the provisions of the California Lien Laws.

Our mission is to educate self-storage owners and operators about lien law compliance, managing risk, and maximizing profitability.